Rexxie & Zinoleesky – NO MORE

Rexxie & Zinoleesky – NO MORE Mp3 Download

Rexxie & Zinoleesky – NO MORE Mp3 Download & Lyrics

Musically, “Rexxie” is a testament to Rexxie’s ability to blend introspective lyricism with captivating beats. The production complements the lyrical content, creating an immersive experience that draws the listener into the artist’s emotional landscape.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian music production, Rexxie stands tall as a trailblazer, and his latest release, the “Big Time (Deluxe)” album, is a testament to his unmatched prowess in the industry. Featuring an eclectic lineup of collaborations and tracks, this deluxe edition is a musical journey that transcends genres and showcases Rexxie‘s ability to curate a sonic experience that captivates from start to finish.

The album kicks off with “Asiko (Big Time)” featuring Lojay, setting the tone with a fusion of Afrobeat and contemporary sounds. The track’s infectious rhythm and Lojay’s smooth vocals create an instant vibe, making it a promising opener for what lies ahead.

The collaboration with Ajebo Hustlers on “Call My Phone” adds a dynamic dimension to the album, blending Rexxie‘s production genius with the duo’s unique style. The result is a catchy and energetic anthem that effortlessly merges street vibes with mainstream appeal.

Slow Whine” featuring Minz & Runtown takes the listener on a melodic journey, showcasing Rexxie‘s versatility. The seamless integration of Minz‘s soulful voice and Runtown‘s seasoned delivery adds depth to the track, making it a standout in the album.

The diversity of “Big Time (Deluxe)” is further emphasized with “Dinero” featuring Alpha P & Azanti. This Afro-fusion masterpiece combines lush production with the distinct styles of Alpha P and Azanti, creating a track that resonates with both the streets and the charts.

The collaboration with Teni and Sarkodie on “Fallacy” is a meeting of musical titans. Rexxie‘s masterful beats provide the perfect backdrop for Teni‘s soulful voice and Sarkodie‘s razor-sharp verses, resulting in a track that is both anthemic and introspective.

As the album unfolds, each track brings a fresh perspective, with highlights including “NO MORE CONDITION” featuring Zinoleesky, the Afro-house infused “Lagos” featuring Busiswa, L.A.X & Shashie, and the high-energy “Credit Score” featuring Zlatan & NSG.

Rexxie‘s ability to seamlessly blend genres is evident in “Abracadabra” featuring Naira Marley & Skiibii, a track that effortlessly transitions from street vibes to mainstream appeal. The remix of “Abracadabra” featuring Wizkid further elevates the album, adding another layer of star power to an already stellar lineup.

The album’s journey continues with the remix of “Frenemies” featuring Oxlade, offering a refreshing take on the original track. “OWO TO PO LETI” featuring Shoday is a nod to Rexxie‘s roots, featuring infectious beats and a street-ready vibe.

“For My Head” featuring Eltee Skhillz & Liya and “Whine” featuring Soundz showcase Rexxie‘s ability to create memorable hooks and infectious melodies. The album concludes with “GAZO” featuring Hotkid & CDQ, a high-energy track that leaves a lasting impression.

In “Big Time (Deluxe),” Rexxie has not only delivered a collection of standout tracks but has also created a sonic tapestry that reflects the diversity and dynamism of the Nigerian music scene. From street anthems to mainstream hits, Rexxie‘s production finesse shines through, making this album a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking an immersive and engaging experience. With each collaboration, Rexxie has carved out a space for himself at the forefront of the global music stage, solidifying his status as a visionary producer who continues to push the boundaries of creativity in the industry.



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