ENHYPEN – ORANGE BLOOD Album Zip Download & Lyrics


In a symphony of anticipation, ENHYPEN has once again captured the hearts of fans with the release of their highly awaited EP, “Orange Blood.” Following the blood-themed narrative that began with the earlier EP, “Dark Blood,” this new installment is poised to continue weaving a captivating tale through its mesmerizing tracks. Scheduled for release on November 17, 2023, through Belift Lab, “Orange Blood” promises a musical journey that transcends conventional boundaries.

The album kicks off with “Mortal,” an ominous title that sets the tone for the EP’s exploration of the complexities of existence. The track unfolds with an intensity that mirrors the group’s evolution, showcasing their maturity and prowess in delivering a powerful musical narrative.

Sweet Venom” follows suit, offering a juxtaposition of sweetness and danger. The duality inherent in the title hints at a multifaceted exploration of emotions, a trademark of ENHYPEN‘s ability to convey depth and nuance through their music. The English version of “Sweet Venom” adds another layer to the narrative, expanding the reach of the song and connecting with a broader global audience.

Still Monster” delves into the shadows, exploring the darker aspects of the human psyche. ENHYPEN‘s ability to seamlessly blend haunting melodies with poignant lyrics creates a sonic experience that is both chilling and enthralling. The track serves as a testament to the group’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

“Far” takes listeners on a sonic journey, exploring distant landscapes and emotions. The expansive soundscape and emotive vocals transport the audience to uncharted territories, inviting them to reflect on the vastness of the world around them.

The EP reaches its emotional zenith with “Orange Flower (You Complete Me),” a title that suggests the culmination of the blood-themed narrative. This track, like a vibrant bloom, is poised to be the centerpiece of the album, tying together the various threads of the storyline into a harmonious conclusion.

Adding an unexpected twist, “Sweet Venom (Remix)” featuring Bella Poarch injects a fresh perspective into the narrative. The remix not only showcases the group’s versatility but also adds a collaborative element, inviting listeners to explore the synergy between ENHYPEN and Bella Poarch‘s unique musical styles.

Orange Blood” is not just an EP; it’s a continuation of a narrative, a musical journey that unfolds with each track. With its rich storytelling, evocative melodies, and the fearless spirit that defines ENHYPEN, this album is poised to leave an indelible mark on the K-pop landscape, solidifying the group’s position as trailblazers in the industry. As fans embark on this sonic adventure, “Orange Blood” promises not only entertainment but an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional music.


See The Tracklist Of Album Below:

  1. Mortal
  2. Sweet Venom
  3. Still Monster
  4. Far
  5. Orange Flower (You Complete Me)
  6. Sweet Venom (English Ver.)
  7. Sweet Venom (Remix) ft. Bella Poarch

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