Album: Dream Wife – Social Lubrication

Dream Wife - Social Lubrication

Dream Wife – Social Lubrication Album Zip Download

Dream Wife - Social Lubrication

Dream Wife – Social Lubrication Album Zip Download & Lyrics


Dream Wife, the British-Icelandic trio, has made a triumphant return with their highly anticipated new album “Social Lubrication,” released on June 9, 2023. This captivating 10-track record showcases the band’s electrifying sound and rebellious spirit, leaving fans and critics alike buzzing with excitement.

The album kicks off with “Kick In the Teeth,” a powerful and punchy track that sets the tone for what’s to come. Dream Wife’s signature blend of punk-rock energy and infectious melodies shines through, immediately grabbing the listener’s attention.

“Who Do You Wanna Be?” follows suit, exuding attitude and confidence with its defiant lyrics. Dream Wife’s ability to infuse empowering messages into their music is a testament to their dedication to empowering their audience.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Hot (Don’t Date a Musician).” With its playful lyrics and infectious guitar riffs, the song is a perfect showcase of Dream Wife’s knack for crafting catchy and relatable anthems.

The title track, “Social Lubrication,” takes a deeper dive into the complexities of modern-day social interactions. The band’s razor-sharp lyricism delves into the pressures and expectations of social media, capturing the zeitgeist of our digital age.

Dream Wife continues to explore different themes and emotions with tracks like “Mascara” and “Leech,” showcasing their versatility as songwriters and performers. These songs offer glimpses of vulnerability amidst the album’s fierce and powerful energy.

“I Want You” is a sultry and seductive track that showcases Dream Wife’s range and ability to craft diverse soundscapes. The song’s brooding atmosphere adds an extra layer of intrigue to the album.

As the album progresses, Dream Wife takes listeners on a sonic journey that culminates with “Orbit.” The track serves as a poignant and introspective finale, leaving listeners with a sense of introspection and contemplation.

“Social Lubrication” is a true testament to Dream Wife’s growth as artists and their commitment to their craft. With this album, they have solidified their place as one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the contemporary music scene.

Dream Wife’s ability to blend infectious melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and high-octane performances makes “Social Lubrication” an absolute must-listen. The album is a celebration of empowerment, individuality, and the unapologetic pursuit of one’s dreams.


See The Tracklist Of Dream Wife – Social Lubrication Album:

  1. Kick In the Teeth
  2. Who Do You Wanna Be?
  3. Hot (Don’t Date a Musician)
  4. Social Lubrication
  5. Mascara
  6. Leech
  7. I Want You
  8. Curious
  9. Honestly
  10. Orbit

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