Album: Corey Kent – BLACKTOP

Corey Kent - BLACKTOP

Corey Kent – BLACKTOP Zip Download

Corey Kent - BLACKTOP

Corey Kent – BLACKTOP Zip Download & Lyrics, Corey Kent’s New Album “Blacktop” Revs Up the Country Music Scene


On June 2, 2023, Corey Kent, the rising star in the country music world, unleashed his much-anticipated album “Blacktop” to the delight of his eager fans. With ten captivating tracks that showcase his exceptional talent and unique style, this album is undoubtedly set to make waves in the music industry.

“Blacktop” takes listeners on a journey through the heart of country living, with each song weaving tales of love, life, and the open road. The album kicks off with “Wild as Her,” an infectious and foot-stomping tune that sets the tone for what’s to come. Corey’s raw and emotive vocals shine through, painting vivid images of wild and untamed love.

“Long Story Short” follows suit, carrying listeners on a lyrical rollercoaster of ups and downs. With heartfelt storytelling and a catchy chorus, this track is bound to leave a lasting impression. “Something’s Gonna Kill Me” is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that showcases Corey’s vocal prowess, leaving listeners in awe of his emotional range.

“Man of the House” takes a different turn, blending classic country sounds with a contemporary edge. The song’s relatable theme and clever wordplay make it a standout track on the album. “Gone as You” continues the emotional journey, exploring themes of loss and heartache with an unforgettable melody.

“BiC Flame” injects a dose of fun and playfulness into the album, with its upbeat rhythm and infectious energy. The track’s clever lyrics and catchy hooks make it an instant favorite. “Call It a Night” slows things down with its soulful and introspective vibe, showcasing Corey’s ability to convey deep emotions through his music.

As the album progresses, “How You Know You Made It” brings a sense of accomplishment and celebration to the mix, with its anthemic chorus and empowering message. “Hood of That Car” takes listeners back to the simplicity of small-town life, with a nostalgic nod to days gone by.

The album’s penultimate track, “Once or Twice,” is a bittersweet reflection on love and missed opportunities. Corey’s sincerity and vulnerability shine through, making it a standout performance. Closing the album on a high note, “Blacktop” concludes with a bang, leaving listeners craving more of Corey Kent’s captivating sound.

“Blacktop” is a testament to Corey Kent’s growth as an artist, with each track showcasing his evolution and maturity. This album is a must-listen for country music enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates authentic storytelling through music. Corey Kent’s “Blacktop” is undoubtedly an album worth adding to your playlist and serves as a strong statement of his promising future in the world of country music.


See The Tracklist For Corey Kent – Blacktop Album Below:

  1. Wild as Her
  2. Long Story Short
  3. Something’s Gonna Kill Me
  4. Man of the House
  5. Gone as You
  6. BiC Flame
  7. Call It a Night
  8. How You Know You Made It
  9. Hood of That Car
  10. Once or Twice

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